Slazenger is one of the oldest brands in the sports industry celebrating 140 years in 2021.

Slazenger 1881 is a premium brand aiming to celebrate the future with respect for the past.
We pay homage to the vast team of sport icons that ruled the world back in the days
wearing the panther with pride.

Check the sweaters above, the one to the right is our take of what was great a long time ago, this is a clear example of how we work with celebrating the future with respect for the past.

Legends and great champions wearing the brand are among others; Fred Perry, Björn Borg and Seve Ballesteros. Among other celebrities, the panther has also been worn by Sean Connery in legendary James Bond movie Goldfinger.


Slazenger 1881 spread from Lifestyle to Golf to Racket. 

We build every collection with history in mind, and today you can find a lot of updated classic styles both designed and named after iconic sport personalities and previous iconic styles such as legendary Courtelle Sweater.

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The 1881 logotype takes inspiration from the logo used around the mid 60´s.
The logo is clearly differentiated from all other present Slazenger logotypes


Do you happen to have som old original Slazenger stuff laying around?
Drop us a mail and tell us about it. Maybe you have a small fortune in your closet!